“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this office. Everyone here is wonderful and Dr Berger is incredible. He knows that most pet owners want to take proper care of their animals but the cost is a big issue for many people. I recently had a surgery performed on my dog. The exact same surgery for the other eye was 1300 dollars at my old vet. It was 300 here and he received the same quality care if not better and it has actually healed faster and easier. They are a full service office, don’t let the name fool you, I finally was able to have both of my dogs have a full dental cleaning under anesthesia the way it’s done. The cost was a fraction of what 2 other vets charge. I could go on and on with wonderful stories of my experiences with this office but let me just say that Dr Berger and this office is a godsend! Thank you for all you do and your loving care of my beloved dogs.”
Yvette L.

“We brought a beautiful older male cat named Wally to Dr. Berger this past Saturday. Poor Wally had been seen by a prior vet for urinary blockage. He never completely passed all the stones and became blocked again. As a cat rescuer, I have seen this in male cats quite often..We had been using Dr. Berger for very affordable spay, neuter for feral cats trapped in our TNR program. Not only was he very affordable, but his staff was compassionate, and caring. Saturday January 24th, Dr Berger opened his office and preformed emergency surgery on Wally. Thanks to him, Wally went home the same day, and will be able to recover at home. The cost of the surgery was quoted to us for twice the amount that Dr. Berger performed it for. We are so pleased that we have found a vet that cares about the animals, and not just about dollars and cents. Thank you Dr. Berger, and of course thank you for your service.”
Flo M.

“Dr. Berger was my cats’ vet at another wonderful hospital. He is so kind and compassionate. He has always given us his heartfelt advice. Congratulations on your own practice. Don’t hesitate to bring your pet family to him.”